Heat pumps cut Cantabs' power bills

More than half of Christchurch people have found using a heat pump reduces their power bill.

A Canstar Blue survey that questioned 332 New Zealanders who had bought a heat pump in the past two years found 58 per cent of Christchurch residents had reduced their power bill by having a heat pump.

Cantabrians were also less worried about their power bills compared with people in Auckland and Wellington.

Forty-one per cent of Christchurch residents said they felt stressed when opening their power bill during winter, compared with 47 per cent in Auckland and 48 per cent in Wellington.

Christine Pearson, of Rangiora, who has a heat pump, said her power bill had increased.

"The power bill has gone up since we started using it. It seems like in August and September the bill is around the $200 to $250 mark," she said.

Dimitri Howard, of central Christchurch, is happy with his heat pump and keeps it on all day. His power bill is about $200 a month.

"The only downfall is that it feels like a real dry heat."

Tania Abraham, of Woolston, said she found heat pumps to be warm, efficient and easy to use when the house was insulated properly.

Press At Home editor David Killick advised people to be careful about buying second- hand heat pumps and cheap imports that were not designed for New Zealand conditions.

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