Oyang officer killed in car crash

00:28, Sep 27 2012

Fisheries authorities have been told an officer on the Oyang 77 facing fisheries breaches has been killed in a car crash in China.

The Ministry of Primary Industries is going ahead with the prosecution against Soon Ill Hwang, 42, the factory manager, as well as the captain of the vessel, 39-year-old Dae Jun Lee.

Lee indicated through defence counsel in the Christchurch District Court today that he would deny the charges. He did not appear in court because he is in South Korea.

Prosecutor Grant Fletcher said he had been advised by the corporation involved that Hwang had died in a crash. This had not yet been confirmed.

The case was remanded to November 8, when the ministry is likely to seek an order for the evidence to be taken from the Indonesian crew members and from fisheries observers.

Fletcher said the evidence would be the same against both men, and the ministry would go ahead with a formal proof hearing against Hwang.

Hwang faces charges of dumping barracouta, hoki, ling and squid at sea. These species are subject to fisheries quota management.

Lee denies nine charges - failing to report the incidental catching of two basking sharks, failing to report the catching of squid, dumping squid, hoki, barracouta and ling at sea, and making false fisheries returns relating to hoki, hake and silver warehou.


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