Canty educators honoured by NZEI

18:47, Sep 30 2012

Three Canterbury Educators have been honoured in Rotorua.

Audrey Agnew, of Cashmere High School, Gaye Parlane, of Papanui High School, and Sandra Spekreijse, of Waikuku School, will become associates of the New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) during its annual meeting.

''It's a great honour,'' said Parlane, who voluntarily works with non-teaching support staff, such as librarians, administrators, teacher aides, and IT personnel.

''Schools are often seen with teachers but very often, it's the support staff at the school which is the glue which holds it together.

''I have a real passion for support staff and what they do in schools.''

She said she had been working with support staff at Christchurch schols which have been affected by the government's proposals about closures and merges.


Spekreijse, a teacher at Waikuku school, is the NZEI area council chairwoman and she works to make sure school staff's opinions are heard, particularly in relation to big decisions such as the government's plans for closures and mergers.

''I'd been a long time member of NZEI and I joined up as soon as I started teaching,'' she said.

''I think if we look after our teachers and early primary school educators, it will be our children who will benefit in the end.''

Agnew, who works as a teacher aide, said she was surprised she would become an associate because when she had been nominated, she felt she had not done enough.

The recent proposals about schools in Christchurch has only made her more passionate about her work with NZEI, she said.

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