Penguin song dream comes true

19:39, Oct 11 2012
Bob Gaudin
ICE, ICE BABY: Christchurch boy Bob Gaudin's dream to release a song about penguins is coming true.

A Christchurch schoolboy's dream to release a song about penguins is coming true after he raised enough money through busking to pay for a studio recording.

Nine-year-old Bob Gaudin was inspired to write a song about Antarctica after hearing about IceFest in Hagley Park.

The Medbury School pupil, who was a finalist in the Festival of Flowers songwriting contest, chose to write about his two favourite types of penguin, the gentoo and adelie.

"It took me a couple of days [to write], but when you have inspiration or an idea it's easy to get going,'' he said.

"It's just syaing it's a land of snow ice and and it's got no polar bears, so penguins think it's nice."

He recorded the single, Antarctica, yesteday at the Orange Studio.


Bob said it cost about $800, which he paid for using savings from busking in the Re:Start container mall every weekend for the past few months, as well as winnings from other competitions.

The song will be uploaded to  next month, when people can download it for free.

"I just want lots of people to listen to it and put it on their iPods. It's a cheerful song and I just want people to have something cheerful for free," Bob said.

Bob's mother, Julie Gaudin, said that if his single had the most votes at the end of November it could qualify for a NZ on Air grant of $10,000 to make a music video.

Bob, who has never made a music video, hopes to film it in the Antarctica Centre.

The song will be officially launched at IceFest on October 14, when the studio version will be played over the loudspeakers at the ice-skating rink.

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