New music venue latest Gap Filler project

20:42, Oct 11 2012
Gap Filler's Summer Pallet Pavilion
GAP FILLER: The Gap Filler Trust has received $50,000 to establish a youth development programme.

A music venue built using 2500 wooden pallets is Gap Filler's latest and most ambitious Christchurch project.

The group has, since the February 2011 earthquake, been transforming the city's empty lots into community spaces and will soon begin construction of the Summer Pallet Pavilion on the former Crowne Plaza site.

Four-metre-high walls will be built using pallets and will be decorated with plants and furniture.

The pavilion will take three weeks to construct and will remain until April.

Gap Filler co-ordinator Coralie Winn said the project, its first requiring council building consent, was the most ambitious the group had attempted.

The idea was to replace the city's lost live-music venues and create a space for community events.


"It's really kind of a secret garden on a vacant site. It will be full of greenery, which will be amazing," she said.

The design team was made up of architecture graduates Jordon Saunders, Sean Belling and Mo Kheir, of Studio OKAN, and landscape design graduate Kirsten O'Connor, of Outlandish.

Winn said the volunteers were putting in "huge hours", but it was an ideal learning experience.

The blue pallets were on loan from container firm CHEP.

"That's one of the things that I really love about this project, that it's recycled," Winn said.

"The pallets are coming out of the pallet rotation that CHEP has, and because there'll be minimal damage at the end, they go back into circulation, so we're not wasting stuff."

The temporary foundations are recycled sections of the Clarendon Tower floor, which will be reused as culvert bridges on farms.

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