Scarfie Army boosts aid crusade

17:53, Oct 15 2012

Following in the footsteps of their Canterbury counterparts, Dunedin students are taking part in a pilot project to establish the city's own volunteer "army".

Otago Polytechnic engineering students will today service a fleet of community cars free of charge, while sport and adventure students will do a coastal cleanup in two weeks.

The Scarfie Army idea was developed with help from Social Innovation co-founder Louis Brown, who mentored Sam Johnson as he created the original Student Volunteer Army.

Brown said Dunedin students needed to have more community spirit towards people, animals or ecosystems in need.

The Scarfie Army was a way of fostering that spirit.

"Our vision is that student volunteering becomes as much part of the Dunedin scarfie culture as pulling an all-nighter in the computer lab or having a red card at your flat."

Johnson said it was a great example of how volunteer armies were no longer just about disaster relief.

"Every community can benefit from having their own army. This is proving that people are interested."


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