Officer 'acted on adrenaline' to stop armed robber

22:00, Oct 18 2012
Suzy Lewis
"ADRENALIN": Constable Suzy Lewis was one of 59 police officers honoured at the Canterbury District Police Awards.

An unarmed policewoman who single-handedly took down an armed robber was one of 59 officers honoured at the Canterbury District Police Awards.

Constable Suzy Lewis said she "acted on adrenaline" when she jumped out of her patrol car to stop a knife-wielding man attempting to rob the Addington Pharmacy in August. The man robbed a nearby pharmacy three hours beforehand, threatening the owner with a 20-centimetre knife and demanding drugs.

Despite arriving first on the scene to the second robbery and holding the man, unarmed, until backup arrived, Lewis said it was all part of the job: "I just think it's what we do every day and it's what I enjoy as a police officer. Everyone I know works for the same thing - that's why I love the job."

Police Deputy Commissioner Mike Bush said the dedication, commitment and resilience Canterbury officers had displayed over the past two years had been outstanding.

Also among the recipients were three officers honoured for 35 years service.

Senior Sergeant Rob Patterson joined the police force in 1977.

In his time, he has been on the front line of the infamous Springbok Tour and other high profile events, but said the Canterbury earthquakes was one of his most trying experiences.


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