Coastal Pathway chairman slams 'flimsy' safety barriers following Redcliffs crash

The scene of an accident where a car hit a pedestrian in Redcliffs.

The scene of an accident where a car hit a pedestrian in Redcliffs.

The head of a group advocating for an improved pathway on a coastal Christchurch road has criticised the current safety measures after a pedestrian was hit by a drink-driver.

Sarah Jane Arrow, 45, allegedly hit a pedestrian on the Main Rd footpath, in Redcliffs, about 2.10pm Friday. Police allege she was over the limit and failed to take a corner correctly. 

The Christchurch Coastal Pathway, linking Ferrymead and Scarborough Beach, will eventually go past the area where the crash took place, but that section has been delayed.

A car struck a pedestrian onto rocks in Redcliffs.

A car struck a pedestrian onto rocks in Redcliffs.

The Christchurch City Council had expected to open the final stage in mid-2018, but it has now proposed to only start construction in mid-2018.

Christchurch Coastal Pathway Group chairman Tim Lindley said the crash proved the current barriers were "flimsy and don't stop anything of any substance".

Lindley said the coastal pathway would ensure pedestrians and traffic were well separated. He said Friday's crash "strengthened" the group's case to install the pathway sooner rather than later.

"Our argument was always strong, this just illustrates it.

"Clearly it's dangerous around there and if someone who has too much to drink and can't drive their car well is capable of knocking someone off the tiny little footpath there and onto the rocks then there's a matter for concern."

Councillor Yani Johanson, who represents the Hagley-Ferrymead ward, said he had asked the council to look at what sections of the plan could be done sooner.

"The commitment from council isn't based on delaying the project, it's simply based on the length of time taken to come up with designs and consent and putting it into a realistic timeframe."

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He said from an "initial glance" the current barriers could be improved, and would discuss a short-term fix with the Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board next week.

"I will be raising . . . whether there is anything we can do to add a greater level of safety to people that are going along that pathway.

"It does look like it could be improved but I need to get technical information from staff as to what we could do."

The council was contributing $9.9 million to the $25m project.

About half the pathway, a section between Ferrymead and Redcliffs, has been completed and the Beachville Rd section was under construction.




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