'Tickled' firm donates camera to couple

00:30, Oct 19 2012
martin burley camera
HUMBLED: Martin Burley on the drive of his Ferry Rd property where he found his lost camera.

Martin Burley will soon have a new camera and memory card to make up for the ones he lost in the February 2011 earthquake, complete with a hard drive to back everything up on.

Burley lost his camera, containing all his wedding photos, an hour after returning from his honeymoon on February 22 last year.

He stumbled across the camera embedded in his driveway coming home from work on Wednesday night and managed to recover all of the photos on it.

After reading the article in The Press today, Dove Electronics marketing manager Jonathan Williams recognised the memory card in the photo as one the firm is the distributors for.

He said he was "tickled by the story" and wanted to help Burley out with the new electronics.

"Firstly, I'm really pleased that the memory card lasted so long in the mud," Williams said.


"If we are able to help out there, then that's got to be good for him."

Burley would receive a new Sony camera, similar memory card and a hard drive.

The first thing he will be told to do is back everything up, Williams said.

Burley was humbled by the gesture and agreed that he would be creating backup files for everything from now on.

"That's very nice of them,'' he said.

"It's pretty awesome. You can't complain about that." 

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