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01:11, Dec 20 2013
OPTION ONE: Restoration.
OPTION THREE: Contemporary.
OPTION TWO: Traditional.
Christ Church Cathedral
The interior of the cathedral as it was.
Christ Church Cathedral
The interior of the traditional design.
Christ Church Cathedral
The interior of the contemporary design.

What do you want Christchurch to be? The demolition crews are still at work but the future beckons.

There are so many aspects that will shape the future face of Christchurch and debate is raging.

Editor of The Press, Joanna Norris, argues that Christchurch should aim to become the Lifestyle City, embracing its small-city cool vibe and marketing itself as an adventure playground.

Christ Church Cathedral dome
A mooted design for the Christ Church Cathedral.

Feature writer John McCrone reckons its time to ditch the Garden City slogan, while mayor Lianne Dalziel is busy making 'resilient' a buzz word. The city council has even advertised for a chief resilience officer.

Is Christchurch heading in the right direction? What needs to be done first? What should the city embrace?

To describe your vision, hit the green button.


Much of central Christchurch has been, or will be, demolished. What should the rebuilt city look like?

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