Burglary affects student's future

A Christchurch student is worried he could fail his course after his house was burgled.

Luke Chandler, 20, left for work on the morning of October 31 but when he returned to his Barbadoes St home, it had been "ransacked".

"I ran into my room and carefully opened it and my heart sunk to see these people had gone through all my personal belongings," he said.

The burglars took Chandler's laptop, camera, netbook, PlayStation, iPod, stereo, clothes and even a jar of coffee off the bench.

Chandler studies marketing at the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology and said he had vital assignments and three semesters worth of course notes on his laptop.

"I currently have a marketing assignment I had nearly finished due to be handed in next week. Me not thinking, didn't back it up. It could make or break my course. If I fail this assignment I fail the whole course."

It also contained "irreplaceable" photos of his nephew.

Chandler was now appealing to the public for sightings of his stuff.

"I haven't wanted to try and publicise that my house was broken into, I just really want my data back so I can get my course work back and pass the semester, and my diploma, but also the photos of my nephew back," he said.

"I can replace everything physical, just not the data."

Chandler said it had been a "traumatic experience" knowing someone had been on his bed and through his things.

"It's really upsetting. What if I was an hour late for leaving work?"

A witness spotted the offender, described as a male about six-foot tall and wearing a grey wool beanie with ear flaps. He was driving a green 2000 Honda Civic.

Anyone with information was asked to call their local police station.

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