Sequential date popular with Canterbury newlyweds

22:36, Nov 10 2012
Married on 10.11.12
Georgie Neal and Josh Hale get married on 10/11/12 at Russley Golf Course.

Yesterday's significant date had several Canterbury couples dashing for the altar. 

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November 10, 2012 is a sequential date (10-11-12), and marriage and civil union celebrant Julie Lassen said it was very popular.

She had had up to seven requests asking her to officiate at ceremonies, and she celebrated three. 

''Most of the venues are busy on that day,' she said. ''Some venues are totally booked out.'' 

Another celebrant Gillian Smith, who officiated at two weddings on Saturday, said she had about eight requests for weddings on the day. ''The last time I had that many was [November 11, 2011]. The significant dates tend to be very popular.'' 


Kerry Jackson and Bruce Reilly, who got married on Saturday morning, said they had not realised the significance of the date and had chosen it because their caterer had been available.

''We didn't know until our caterer told us. We thought it sounded good and Bruce will never forget it,'' said Jackson. 

She said finding a venue had not been difficult, although when she tried to find people to do her make-up, ''they were all frantic''. 

Georgie Neal, who married husband Josh Hale on Saturday at Russley Golf Course, said the date was a deciding factor for them. They also did not have problems finding the right venue because they started looking 15 months ago as soon as they got engaged. Richard Rawstorn and Richard Andrew also chose Saturday for their civil union because of the date. 

Rawstorn said his partner was not very good at remembering dates, but he would not have trouble remembering this one. 

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