Marryatt pay discussions to remain secret

Christchurch City Council boss Tony Marryatt
Christchurch City Council boss Tony Marryatt

The Christchurch City Council refuses to release details of behind-closed-doors discussions on chief executive Tony Marryatt's pay and performance.

During a public-excluded portion of a city council meeting in September, councillors considered a report from the chief executive's performance review and remuneration subcommittee.

The Press asked for a copy of the report under the Official Information Act, but the council refuses to release it for privacy reasons.

Council legal services unit manager Chris Gilbert said the report had been considered by councillors without the public and the media present, to protect Marryatt's privacy.

"The CEO is entitled to expect that a matter of this nature would be discussed in private. That is what any employee would expect from his or her employer," Gilbert said in a letter to The Press.

There were no other considerations that would make it in the public interest to make the information available.

Late last year it was revealed that Marryatt had received a $68,000 pay rise. After protests, Marryatt asked the council to stop paying him the increase.

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