Riccarton partygoer 'jumps off roof'

An out-of-control party in Riccarton was visited by police twice last night.

Police attended the party, in Rata St, at 9.20pm to tell partygoers to quieten down.

One witness said there were about 150 people at the "huge" party, which he believed was a Cup Day after-party.

"Bottles were smashed all up the street, thrown at parked cars and people were urinating against the walls and up against people's houses," he said.

"One person jumped off the roof ... and tried to jump onto an elderly neighbour's shed, but went straight through the shed instead."

The police went back to the party at 1am to dispel more partygoers.

Earlier in the night, police said behaviour was generally good. A spokesman said by 8pm eight people had been processed and taken to the central police station cells.

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