Thieves target Show Week visitors

Burglars are targeting visitors to Christchurch during Show Week, police say.

Senior Sergeant Pete Laloli said Christchurch crime figures showed an increase in car break-ins during Show Week for the past two years.

Offences during Show Week in 2011 were about 35 per cent higher than in previous years, while in 2010 offending was about 50 per cent higher during Show Week than in previous years.

Burglary offences also rose by about 20 per cent during Show Week last year, and three burglaries were reported from hotels or motels.

"People tend to be a bit lax on security when visiting Christchurch during the Show Week festivities," Laloli said.

"Some burglars target motels and the cars parked at the show.

"Motels are often an easy target for thieves who know that doors may be left unlocked for latecomers. And if we get hot nights at this time of the year, windows also get left wide open.  

"People are relaxed and cash tends to be left lying around. Unfortunately, thieves know from experience where to look for wallets and jewellery.''

Money should always be hidden or placed in the motel's safe, he said.

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