Glamour a winner despite wet

21:30, Nov 17 2012
Fashion in the Field
FASHION WINNERS: Thea Sweeney and George Ritchie.

Thunderstorms and hail broke up the party a race early on Cup day at Riccarton yesterday, with the last event cancelled for safety reasons.

Thousands of racegoers turned up at the races despite the rain in the morning, and many set up marquees to protect themselves from the wet weather.

Damon and Arna Hagaman, of Cass Bay, dressed up as king and queen and decorated their marquee with a royal theme. Also at the Melbourne Cup, they stole some attention away from Prince Charles and Camilla.

Leonie Knowler, of Irwell near Leeston, goes to the races every year and she and her family arrived early to set up their marquee.

"My favourite part of the day is the quality of the racing and it's exciting to see some of the good New Zealand horses come, and just people watching and seeing what everybody's got on."

Despite the unfavourable forecast, racegoers dressed to the nines and brought out polished vintage cars for their car-boot picnics.


Thea Sweeney, of Woolston, won the best dressed woman for the Fashion in the Field competition. She wore a full-skirted black and cream diamond print dress with a fitted high-necked bodice, and accessorised it with black leather pumps, cream leather gloves and a black and white fascinator.

The glamour of the races was very different from her day-job as a veterinarian.

"Usually, as a vet, it's a very unglamorous job. This is a complete change of scene."

George Ritchie won the prize for the best dressed man. He paired his black pinstripe suit with red accessories, including a top hat.

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