Hang-glider crashed while dodging power lines

A man who crashed his hang-glider into a paddock in Governors Bay had lost control after avoiding power lines.

A Westpac rescue helicopter spokesman said the 25-year-old had been hang-gliding with a group on Friday when the incident occurred about 3.30pm.

The group with the man said he realised his landing approach was dangerous due to the power lines and when he manoeuvred to avoid them he lost control, the spokesman said.

"He lost the wind and plummeted. Gravity took over," he said.

The man was still under the hang-glider when the Westpac rescue helicopter crew arrived.

"He was pretty sore," the spokesman said.

He said the man, who had a broken femur, was lucky his injuries were not worse.

The man was flown to Christchurch Hospital, where he remains in a stable condition.

Ambulance and police also attended the incident.

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