Mail stolen from NZ Post street boxes

01:29, Nov 19 2012

Mail has been stolen from six New Zealand Post street boxes in Christchurch in what could be an organised attack.

It was believed the contents of the posting boxes were stolen early on Friday after thieves forced the boxes open.

New Zealand Post spokeswoman Jaimee Burke said the company was working with police to investigate the thefts.

"It is rare for street posting boxes to be attacked and broken into. We do experience sporadic low level incidents of vandalism but break-ins and thefts are very rare indeed, certainly on this scale.

"It looks like it was a bit of an organised attack by thieves,'' she said.

The following boxes were broken into and had mail taken:


85 Hay St

254 Opawa Rd

736 Ferry Rd (all contents taken except two letters)

180 Waltham Rd

169 Selwyn St

136 Main South Rd (all Standard Post contents were taken, Fast Post contents were not taken)

Anyone who posted mail into the affected boxes after 2pm on Thursday should be aware that their mail could have been stolen, she said.

"Those affected should consider whether they need to resend that mail, or contact the intended recipient to check if their mail arrived."

Burke said the affected boxes were closed as soon as the damage was reported and New Zealand Post expected to install replacements today.

She advised anyone who came across a post box that looked damaged to refrain from posting their mail in it and contact the New Zealand Post customer service centre immediately on 0800 501 501.

Anyone with information on the thefts should contact Christchurch police on (03) 363 7400.

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