Boil-water notice for Dalethorpe

Water tests have again shown high levels of E.coli in Selwyn's water - this time in the Dalethorpe area.

The announcement follows a recent outbreak of the severe stomach bug, gastroenteritis, in Darfield in September which affected more than 125 residents after the water was contaminated by a chlorination failure.

The Sewlyn District Council have advised residents in the Dalethorpe area to immediately begin boiling their water.

The council's water quality monitoring programme has found high levels of E.coli in the Malvern Hills Dalethorpe water supply.

This was due to recent high flows in the Hawkins river.

People showing any symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhoea, are advised to visit their doctors.

A statement issued by the council said chlorination of the system was under way and would continue until further notice to ensure the water was safe to drink.

However, before chlorination began some bacteria may have been distributed into private water tanks, and as a result residents were advised to boil drinking water for three minutes until further notice.

If people wish to disinfect private tanks they can contact the council on (03) 347 2800 for more information.

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