Bloody injuries from 'drunken wrestle'

03:53, Nov 21 2012
Crime Scene SPL
CRIME SCENE: Nelson Police near the cordoned off area on Jenner Road address in which a man received injuries to his hand and head.

Nelson police investigating a bloody incident where a 32-year-old man suffered cuts to his head and hand say he was injured in a drunken wrestle, not during an assault.

Police were called to a Jenner Rd address at 5.30am today by a neighbour saying a person had been stabbed.

The injured man initially said he had been assaulted and a significant amount of blood was found along Jenner Rd and through the house.

Detective Sergeant Ian Langridge said police were satisfied after interviewing the two people at the house and having completed a detailed scene examination no criminal offence happened.

Mr Langridge said the man cut himself on a sharp object on the floor during a drunken wrestle.

He was extremely intoxicated and could not remember anything about the prior events or play fight and when he woke up later wrongly assumed the injuries had been inflicted on him during an assault.


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