'I told him to have a safe trip' - wife

05:19, Nov 21 2012
'TOO SOON': Alan John Melton, 58, died in a collision with a truck while driving home on State Highway 1, south of Tinwald, about 4pm on Monday.

As Helen Melton waved goodbye to her husband Alan early on Monday morning she told him to drive safely.

Alan John Melton, 58, worked as a delivery specialist for Chorus and was driving to Timaru and back that day for a job.

"I gave him a kiss, waved him goodbye and told him to have a safe trip," Melton said.

"I remember him telling me the roses looked nice. It was just a normal day."

Just hours later, her heart sank as a policewoman knocked on her door.

Alan had been driving home on State Highway 1, south of Tinwald, about 4pm when he collided with a stock truck.


He died as a result of the crash.

"She [the policewoman] came up the path and I was confused why she was there. She asked to come inside and told me he had died. I was just in shock. I couldn't believe it," Melton said.

Melton described her husband as "hardworking, generous, loyal and family orientated."

"He loved his family, especially his grandchildren who live in Australia. He loved sport as well, he played golf and liked rugby."

The family were still coming to terms with the accident, she said.

"We're all in shock but we're getting through slowly. He was taken far too soon. He still had a lot to give."

Melton was the sole occupant of the four-wheel-drive he was driving.

Melton said her husband did not often drive for his work.

"Usually it was just around Christchurch or he was in his office. I never had to worry."

Police said today investigations into the cause of the crash were continuing.

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