Woman 'verbally aggressive' to children

21:53, Nov 21 2012

A woman trespassed from a Christchurch school has been known to be "verbally aggressive to children".

Cashmere Primary School principal Jacqui Duncan sent an email to parents and caregivers yesterday warning them the woman had returned to the area.

"This person can be scary and verbally aggressive to children and in the past has caused concern to the police. She has also been trespassed from many of our local schools and as recently as yesterday (Tuesday) a neighbouring school has trespassed her."

Police were called to nearby Thorrington School just after 3pm on Tuesday when the woman refused to leave the grounds.

As a result, pupils were reminded not to approach strangers and to be "particularly wary of loud and abusive type characters".

The woman is known to police and schools in the area.


She is now awaiting sentencing for three counts of wilful trespass and a charge of unlawfully being in a yard and threatening behaviour, and four counts of common assault.

Thorrington school principal Christine Harris said the woman was recognised by a staff member from a photo police released to schools in the area after the woman refused to leave Somerfield School earlier this year.

Harris approached the woman, who was sitting on a bench watching the children, and asked her to leave. "She said, ‘No, I'm not doing anything wrong'." She was escorted from the grounds by police moments later, Harris said.

The woman was unable to come within 100 metres of the school for two years, she said.

Senior Sergeant Rob Patterson said police were aware of her and working to mitigate any risks.

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