Youngsters and pets on show

19:15, Nov 22 2012
Jack Giltrap
LAST WIPE: Jack Giltrap, of Springston School, takes care of some final grooming on his lamb, Dart, before judging.

Canterbury children have had their own shot at an A & P show, and have been put through some more trying tests than their adult counterparts.

Eighty children from around the province gathered at the Canterbury Agricultural Park yesterday for the Boys and Girls Championship Day - a post-Show Week event.

The youngsters compete in a mini-A & P show, and were judged on the leading and handling of livestock, including dairy and beef calves, goats and lambs.

They were also judged on care and attention, demonstrating how much they knew about their animal and how they prepared it.

The grown-ups in the Canterbury A & P Show are not subjected to this.


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