Race has double challenge

17:54, Nov 25 2012
Kevin Ryan, left, and Rick ‘‘Rowdy’’ Durbridge
RACING TRIBUTE: Kevin Ryan, left, and Rick ‘‘Rowdy’’ Durbridge do the Burt Munro Challenge in honour of the Pike River mine disaster victims, including Durbridge’s son, Daniel Herk.

A grieving West Coast father used the Burt Munro Challenge to continue his fight to get his entombed son and 28 other men out of the Pike River coalmine.

Rick "Rowdy" Durbridge, the father of mine victim Daniel Herk, was in the pits at yesterday's Wyndham street race helping his close mate and Burt Munro Challenge stalwart Kevin Ryan prepare his classic Triumph for battle.

But the two men were also waging a second battle on behalf of the 29 victims, saying the Government needed to step up and get the men out of the mine.

The sadness and hurt were easing but the anger and frustration were growing, Mr Durbridge said.

Wearing his "Tribute 29" shirt, he said the Burt Munro Challenge showed how a community could come together and back each other to achieve great things.

Being at the Burt Munro Challenge was a way of keeping alive the fight to "finish the job and get the boys out of the hole", he said.


"We've had the enquiry, the Government's had its day finding who's to blame, but now it's time [for the Government] to make a genuine effort to bring closure to the families," he said.

"There have been no major steps forward to get those guys out. We can't rest until a strong effort has been made to bring the miners home."

Ryan, who was racing in the "Tribute 29" shirt, said he would also keep pushing to get the miners out.

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