Church hit in 'bizarre' graffiti spree

01:04, Nov 26 2012
leeston landscape
VANDALS: Taggers went on a rampage in Leeston at the weekend.

Taggers went on a rampage in Leeston at the weekend, spraying obscenities on buildings in the main street - including a church hall. 

Constable Nigel Craythorne said houses and nearly every business was hit, with orange tags found even in hard-to-reach places such as the peaks of roofs. 

"It's quite bizarre," he said.

Craythorne said the damage was done overnight on Saturday, and police fielded numerous calls about the tagging on Sunday morning. 

"We have had [tagging] incidents before but not to that extent. It looks really terrible."

Craythorne asked anyone with information on the tagging or who may have seen someone suspicious in the township on Saturday night to phone him on 378 0150. 

A similar spree occurred in Rolleston in September.

Thieves stole a can of pink spray paint used for marking roads from a trademan's ute and tagged numerous buildings, fences and cars.


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