Rest-home issues resolved, CDHB says

01:16, Nov 26 2012

Lack of care and staffing issues at a Canterbury rest home have been resolved, the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) says.

The CDHB said it was satisfied improvements to care at Rangiora's Wiltshire Rest Home and Hospital had reached a standard where a temporary manager was no longer required.

The temporary manager was appointed to the home in July after an issues-based audit, prompted by complaints from residents and their families about the standard of care.

CDHB geriatrician and chief medical officer of health Nigel Millar issued a report in September that detailed findings from the board-appointed temporary manager of the rest home.

The report said doctors had found residents were dehydrated and others were suffering from ''unmanaged weight loss''.

Other findings included lack of attendance to basic care such as continence management, oral hygiene, nail care and podiatry. Some residents were suffering from bedsores.


The report also confirmed there had been two scabies outbreaks at the home in recent months.

The CDHB said the temporary manager contract ended by mutual agreement on Friday.

''CDHB will continue to support the Wiltshire management team and staff in improving standards through closely monitoring care and communicating thoroughly with staff, residents, and their families,'' it said.

Ongoing monitoring would include regular visits by CDHB clinical advisers or a CDHB service development manager and unannounced audits over the next 18 months.

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