South Island man wins $20.5m Lotto prize

A South Island man has contacted the Lotteries Commission about the $20.5 million Lotto prize.

Lotteries Commission spokeswoman Emilia Mazur said the man had been in contact but she was unable to confirm if the winner was from Invercargill.

The man had yet to officially claim his money but was considering his options, she said.

These included visiting the Windsor Stationery and Lotto shop in Invercargill where he bought the ticket to get a claim ticket or travelling to Wellington to claim the prize there, she said.

Windsor Stationery and Lotto shop owner Betty Sinclair said hopefuls, with tickets in their hand, had lined up outside the shop before it opened yesterday morning.

More people had also phoned and visited the store to check their numbers throughout the day, she said.

"They were wishing and hoping to be lucky but nobody had the winning ticket," she said.

The lucky winner had been the topic of almost every conversation for most of the day.

"People are making guesses who they think the winner is but I think a lot of them are wrong," she said.

The Southland Times