No rush to throw hats in the mayoralty ring

20:26, Nov 27 2012
Garry Moore
Garry Moore

Labour MP Lianne Dalziel is still ruling out challenging Bob Parker for the mayoralty but admits she is under pressure to change her mind.

The local body elections are less than a year away but no-one has stepped forward to announce they are challenging Parker for the city's top job.

Press reporter Lois Cairns asked those tipped as contenders to put their cards on the table. This is what Parker's potential challengers had to say:

Humphry Rolleston
Humphry Rolleston

Labour MP Lianne Dalziel
‘‘My intention, at this stage, is not to pursue the mayoralty.’’  Questioned by The Press on whether that position could change, Dalziel said: ‘‘I don’t know. I doubt it. I’ve ruled it out several times but I’m not going to pretend that I’m not constantly badgered, and from left and right field, to change my mind. It is highly unlikely that I will change my mind but . . . I have to say I am asked constantly.’’

City councillor Tim Carter
‘‘It is too early to say. I don’t rule it out but currently I’m focused on the job at hand. We’ve got some big issues the council must focus on such as insurance, helping our citizens out with EQC battles and coming out with some strategic directions for the future, which is my current focus. I will be making some decisions on [the mayoralty] in the new year.’’

Former mayor Garry Moore
‘‘Never say never but at this stage it is not on my list.’’

Radio host Mike Yardley
‘‘I have no such plans at all.’’ Asked whether he would stand for council, Yardley said: ‘‘No. I firmly believe that my little calling in life has been to be an opinionated commentator, not in the engine room.’’

Businessman Humphry Rolleston
‘‘I have no comment on that. Thank you very much.’’

Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce chief executive Peter Townsend
‘‘[Laughs] I could give a really political and dishonest response or I could be perfectly honest with you. I will not be standing. You can dispel all the rumours you like. . .
"A lot of the stuff that we’ve been doing in terms of ensuring the council is developing good policy has been perceived by some people as being politically driven and me pursing my own political agenda. I have no political agenda. I simply want to ensure we have good policies in place.’’

City councillor Peter Beck
‘‘Do I intend to stand for mayor? Let’s see how I might respond to that question. It is too soon to say. There’s a lot of water to go under the bridge yet. I’m not ruling it out but I can neither confirm nor deny.’’

Thirty minutes later, Beck rang back and said: ‘‘I think I need to be upfront. The answer is ‘no’, I’m not going to stand for mayor. OK?’’

City councillor Glenn Livingstone
‘‘Oh goodness gracious. Oh man. Are you allowed an answer that is neither a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’? This is on the record? OK, I haven’t decided yet but it’s [a] conversation I’ll be having with the People’s Choice team. It’s not a decision I can make on my own; it’s a team decision.’’


Peter Townsend
Councillor Peter Beck
NO UNITY: Christchurch city councillor Glenn Livingstone.
Tim Carter
mike yardley
Mike Yardley
Lianne Dalziel
CHALLENGER: Lianne Dalziel is set to enter the race for the Christchurch mayoralty.

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