Youths go on arson spree around city

22:38, Nov 27 2012

Two youths are believed to be responsible for setting bushes, fences and rubbish on fire last night.

The arson spree started about 11pm at the corner of Gloucester St and Stanmore Rd, where rubbish bins had been set alight. The fire had spread to bushes and a fence.

A Fire Service spokesman said the fire looked suspicious.

"Two kids were seen running off into the night, which led us to the next fire," he said.

Firefighters found bushes and a fence on fire in Latimer Square about 15 minutes later.

A third fire in Gloucester St was attended by the Fire Service about 11.30pm. Rubbish was set alight.


All three fires were believed to have been started by the youths.

"If it looks like a horse, sounds like a horse and behaves like a horse, it's probably a horse. It could be a zebra, but it's probably a horse," the spokesman said.

Police spoke to witnesses in the area after the incident.

A police spokesman said "some young people" were seen at the scene of the fires.

He did not know if the youths had been found.

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