Case closed on Prebbleton snatching attempt

17:52, Nov 28 2012

Police have ended their investigation into a reported child abduction near Prebbleton. 

A male allegedly attempted to abduct a young boy while he was walking on Elmwood Dr about 5pm on November 7.

The boy told police he was grabbed from behind by the offender who attempted to drag him into a waiting vehicle.

Detective Sergeant Craig Farrant said the boy told officers he fought the man off.

"We understand the boy has managed to grab a stick and fight back, and managed to break free and run to his home nearby,'' Farrant said.

"The alleged offender is reported to have run off. The boy was not injured in the incident."


Farrrant said he had reinterviewed the boy last week but it "did not add anything further to the investigation".

"It added nothing further and we have exhausted all of our leads on our inquiry in every shape or form. Unfortunately, we had no other choice but to close the investigation."

The boy's family had accepted the inquiry had been closed, Farrant said.

"Obviously, it's always going to be a bit upsetting not getting a full result but they realise everything that can be done has been done at this stage."

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