Chch grandfather so close to winning $20m

17:53, Nov 29 2012

A Christchurch grandfather says he is more than happy with his $500,000 Lotto win, despite being just one number off winning a share of the massive $20 million Powerball prize.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, thought new cars and world trips were a waste of money, so he had other plans for his winnings.

"I'm going to invest it into various banks, and we'll live off the interest. Even if I won the $20m, I'd have done the same," he said.

He won the prize in Saturday's draw.

"We're pleased with this win, definitely not disappointed. I've always been interested in investments and properties and have learnt a lot over the years."

He planned to tell close family and a few friends but was not planning a slap-up meal or any treats.

"We'll just plod along as we are, we're happy just like that."

The winning ticket was sold at Unichem Bishopdale Pharmacy in Christchurch, which is no stranger to big winners, having sold a $7m Powerball prize in 2007, and three other first division prizes since.


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