Steampunk enthusiasts take over park

05:00, Dec 02 2012
STEAMPUNKING: Captain Alexander Hayes hangs out at the train station at Ferrymead Historic Park.

Steampunk enthusiasts armed with ray guns took over Christchurch's Ferrymead Historic Park today.

Tycho, dressed as a Wild West pioneer, said the Steampunk movement was ''a hearkening back to the days of mechanicalness, clock work and steam power.

''It is a mix of Victorian history and science fiction, with a bit of fun and adventure thrown in as well.''

Enthusiasts dress up in Victorian-era clothing, with goggles, top hats, parasols and waistcoats and take on a steampunk persona and name.

They also construct their own weapons, based on a mixture of 19th century technology and science fiction fantasy.

Carl, dressed as an explorer, said his outfit was the result of ''very patient combing of second hand shops and antique stores.''

Christiane, a Wild West belle, said the enthusiasts were feeling the heat, which crept up to 29.3 degrees Celsius.

''The weather was a bit of a surprise, if I had known I would have gone for something a little more minimal.''


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