Dance in mall raises awareness on access

01:42, Dec 03 2012
Flash mob support
SUPPORT: Campaigning for the rebuild to consider Christchurch's disabled residents.

A flash mob of able-bodied and disabled Cantabrians has launched a campaign for a truly accessible Christchurch.

See the official youtube video here.

The Accessible Christchurch group has been working with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority and the Christchurch City Council to promote a rebuilt city accessible for everybody, from those with disabilities, to people pushing children in pushchairs.

Flash mob - Hall family
FLASH MOB FAMILY: Bryn Hall, 5, makes the most of dad Andrew Hall's wheelchair to look-out for mum.

Yesterday, members of Jolt Dance helped the group launch the Every Body, Every Where campaign in the Re:Start Mall, surrounded by crowds of shoppers.

About 20 people leapt into a sychronised dance, surrounded by more than 150 shoppers.

Group spokesman Andrew Olsen said the event was a "resounding success".


"This is definitively the beginning of a concerted campaign to raise awareness that the rebuild is for all people," he said.

Olsen said the reaction from the crowd and from groups working on the rebuild was positive.

"We seems to have tapped a mood. There is definitely a lot more interest."

Mayor Bob Parker supported the event.

"To me it's a no-brainer," he said.

"Let's get on and ensure what we build meets the needs of all our citizens.

"I love the idea of promoting this, because we can be the most accessible city in the world."

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