Doctor fiddled with ACC invoices

A Christchurch doctor who admitted two dishonesty charges against ACC can now be named.

Jonathan Graham Wright, 52, was granted name suppression until last weekend, so his daughter could complete her end-of-year exams.

Wright had been employed on contract by ACC and travelled the country doing assessments for the corporation.

Wright pleaded guilty in August to charges of obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception, for travel costs between April 2009 and June 2010.

Two periods relating to his expenses claims were examined and Wright had paid back the money when discrepancies totalling about $18,000 were found.

At the sentencing on October 25, Judge David Holderness said it was a serious breach of the trust placed on a professional person of significant standing.

Wright had obtained a substantial amount, and the offending was not motivated by need, he said.

Wright's lawyer Jonathan Eaton had told the court Wright had been frustrated by his belief that his own invoices had not been paid by the corporation.

Wright had played around with invoices to secure funds he was not entitled to.

Judge Holderness imposed 150 hours of community work, and granted name suppression because Wright's daughter did not know about the offending and was about to sit her exams.

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