Police offer fake ID amnesty

02:44, Dec 03 2012

Christchurch teenagers using fake identity cards will not be charged if they hand them in to authorities, police say.

The amnesty comes after a 17-year-old North Canterbury male was arrested and charged with forging identity documents.

Police had executed a search warrant at a North Canterbury address on Friday after a fake identity card was used to get into a city bar.

Constable Hamish Fair said police spoke to another 17-year-old last week who also tried to use a fake card to get into a bar. 

"As a result it became clear that that someone was manufacturing and selling the cards," he said.

"We believe there are still a number of the fake ID cards in circulation. Anybody using a fake ID commits an offence and may be arrested.


"We advise anybody who has one of these fake cards that now is a good time to hand it in to police. If anyone hands in a fake card voluntarily they will not face charges."

Fair said police would contact those who had purchased the cards if they didn't hand them in.

Forgery carries a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment, he said.

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