Mixed reviews for southern MPs

04:35, Dec 03 2012
Amy Adams

South Island MPs have been given mixed reviews for their performances this year by a political newsletter.

Environment Minister Amy Adams was given a largely glowing review ''one of the more impressive performers in the new intake of ministers''  but other government ministers from the South, namely Kate Wilkinson, Nicky Wagner and Nick Smith get far from positive comments.

The judges from Trans Tasman's annual "roll call" scrutinised the performance, abilities and future prospects of the country's elected politicians.

Adams was the highest-rating Canterbury MP with a seven, while Labour's long-serving Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson, attracted just a two.

''(Dyson) still struggles to say anything nice about her opponents. Her continual slide down the Labour rankings might partly explain why she looks so bored,'' the newsletter said.

Other reviews included:


David Carter (primary industries and local government): ''rarely tested politically and as far as most can tell, managed his portfolios competently. He's now one of the inner circle of (John) Key's kitchen Cabinet.'' Rating: 6.5 (6 last year)

Kate Wilkinson (conservation, food safety, associate immigration Minister): ''Not a great year for Wilkinson, she lost the Labour portfolio because the Pike River tragedy happened 'on her watch'.''

Key rated her highly when he appointed her - he might now be wishing he hadn't.'' Rating: 3 (4)

Jo Goodhew (community and voluntary sector, Minister for Senior Citizens, Womens Affairs, associate Health Minister): ''Has not made any gaffes but her portfolios are not the most testing.'' Rating: 5 (5)

Jacqui Dean, Waitaki MP (National): ''Works hard in her electorate ... will be hoping for promotion but there could be better candidates.'' Rating: 4 (3)

Nick Smith, Nelson MP (National): Loses many points for losing his job. Seen increasingly as a lone wolf operator who doesn't take colleagues with him.'' Rating: 5.5 (7)

Nicky Wagner, Christchurch Central (National): ''Still revelling in her victory in Christchurch Central but it will be hard to hold on to.'' Rating: 4 (5)

Clayton Cosgrove (list, Labour): ''Has been a bit invisible since losing his electorate at the election. Seems either to have lost his enthusiasm for the job or to have fallen into the Opposition MP trap of relentless negativity.'' Rating: 4 (5)

Lianne Dalziel, Christchurch East, Labour): ''Continues to be one of Labour's most reliable MPs. Labour's secret weapon in Christchurch.'' Rating': 5 (6)

Damien O'Connor, West Coast, Labour: ''Works hard in rural areas where Labour is largely voiceless in rural and provincial New Zealand but has less support in caucus and in the party than he does outside it.'' Rating: 5 (5)

Megan Woods, Wigram, Labour: ''Seems delighted to be in Parliament and should be given more opportunities.'' Rating: 4 (not available last year)

Kennedy Graham, list, Greens: ''Pompous and over-serious but speaks from his heart and his conscience. By far the most effective climate change debater in Parliament, the only one capable of taking on (Tim) Groser.'' Rating: 5 (4)

Mojo Mathers, list, Greens: ''Will have to do more if her greatest achievement will be just to achieve the moniker of ''first profoundly deaf MP in Parliament.'' Rating: 3 (n/a)

Eugenie Sage, list, Greens: "Looked comfortable on her return to Parliament as an MP. An asset to Parliament at an intellectual level, if not a dramatic performer.'' Rating: 5 (n/a)

Denis O'Rourke, list, New Zealand First: ''His clash with fellow MPs over performance or lack of it shows the tension between NZ First MPs. If it's like this in opposition, it does not bode well if they get near the levers of power.'' Rating: 3.5 (n/a)

Richard Prosser, list New Zealand First: ''Was picked by many to be the most likely MP to embarrass his party. So far he hasn't. Didn't crash and burn as expected, which was disappointing.'' Rating: 3 (n/a).

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