Learner hit 129kmh in 50kmh zone

00:19, Dec 07 2012

A Christchurch woman was still accelerating when she was caught driving at almost 80kmh over the limit at a roadworks site, police say.

Senior Sergeant Phil Newton said the 22-year-old was overtaking a truck on State Highway 1, near Cheviot, about 1.45pm yesterday when she was clocked by police travelling 129kmh through a 50kmh roadworks site.

The woman has been charged with dangerous driving and breaching her learner licence.

Construction workers were present at the 300-metre site at the time and it was lucky no-one was injured, he said.

"That's actually the reason why she's been charged with dangerous driving. The potential for a serious crash or injury is really high," Newton said.

"This is the highest speed I've seen recently going through roadworks."


He said there was no excuse for the incident as the area was clearly signposted, and other vehicles had slowed down.

Newton said police had received a number of complaints recently from road works crews who "feared for their safety".

Some motorists completely ignored temporary speed reductions or traffic lights set up through work sites, he said.

"Drivers that ignore the warning signs while driving through road construction sites put everyone in danger.

"Police will continue to enforce the road rules for roadwork sites this summer. Nobody was injured on this occasion but that was more of a matter of pure luck," Newton said.

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