Swearing over council vote 'unacceptable'

06:03, Dec 07 2012
Glenn Livingstone
NO UNITY: Christchurch city councillor Glenn Livingstone.

Christchurch city councillor Glenn Livingstone says it's "completely unacceptable" a fellow councillor swore at him today because he disliked the way he voted on an issue.

Livingstone said after today's council meeting, another council member called him an "f...... a......" in the car park because he "didn't vote their way".

He would not say who the councillor was or what the issue was they had voted on, but said he was angry and disappointed by the behaviour.

"I'm not a prude. It's not the language that offends me, it's the sentiment. It's completely unacceptable. We should be showing each other a bit of respect," Livingstone said.

"I've voted on things before and someone has voted the other way and we've gone and had a cup of coffee at morning tea and it's fine. It's just a job at the end of the day."

He said it was "not the first time" such an incident had happened.

"There is squabbling and name-calling but this was different".

Livingstone took to Twitter to display his displeasure following the incident.

"I've just been called an f...... a...... by another Cr in the Council basement carpark, because I didn't vote their way. Unity at the CCC!," he tweeted.

"I actually think it needs to be out in the public so that people know the kind of things that go on at the council. I hope the councillor realises it was unacceptable," Livingstone said.


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