'Great food and great wine'

22:14, Dec 08 2012
food show
SOAKING UP THE ATMOSPHERE: Rachel Meadowcroft, left, and Eliza Faulkner, at the New World Wine and Food Festival, held at Hagley Park.

Cantabrians celebrated their love for food and wine at Hagley Park yesterday. 

The second New World Food and Wine festival attracted thousands of Cantabrians to the event, where there were offerings from more than 40 vineyards and local restaurants.

"There's great food and good wine," said Amber Massey, who came down from Auckland for the festival. It was the first one she had been to.

Her highlight of the day was salmon caviar grilled on hot coals.

"There's plenty to choose from."

"It's not crowded. There's a lot of space," said her father Bill Massey, of Alexandra.


Carl Pascoe, of Hoon Hay, said the festival was "fantastic".

"It's just what we need. It's just a lovely mellow day out." He liked the variety of vineyards, and his favourite was from Pyramid Valley, a vineyard from North Canterbury.

"They have fantastic organic wine."

Mel Bartram, of North Beach, was very happy the sun was out. "The wine is good and the food is to die for."

The highlight was hanging out with her friends and drinking good wine in the sun, she said.

"It's very well organised. I like the tables and chairs. I didn't think there would be anything like that."

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