Insurance no longer part of chief's job

Christchurch City councillors have taken authority to place insurance away from their chief executive amid concerns the council's insurance cover before the quakes was inadequate.

For the past nine years the council's chief executive and director of strategic investments have had authority to organise the council's insurance cover.

Last week, councillors voted to rescind that delegation. Instead, they want arrangements for insurance cover brought back to the corporate and financial committee so it can make recommendations to the full council.

However, two general managers will have delegated authority to place insurance cover in the event that time pressures prevent councillors from being involved.

Committee chairwoman Cr Helen Broughton said it was common practice in the private sector for company boards to sign off on insurance. She believed the council should be adopting a similar approach.

"It is important we exercise our governance responsibilities," she said.

Cr Tim Carter said the delegation had to be changed because council chief executive Tony Marryatt had a conflict of interest as he was also a director of Civic Assurance.

"As elected members we need to make sure we assess our risks and make sure our risks are covered," Carter said.

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