Hunt to find origin of backyard relics

A bayonet, part of a rifle and an ammunition shell have been uncovered in the depths of a Christchurch man's backyard.

Alan Bush said the discovery was made on Tuesday when contractors were digging up the backyard of his Wherstead Rd property in preparation for putting pavers down.

Despite being covered in rust, the bayonet and ammunition were immediately recognisable, but other items were harder to identify.

"It was all in the same spot. Someone had obviously buried a whole bunch of stuff."

He was convinced the items were from World War I as the shell was identical to an allied shell he had bought years ago.

Bush hoped the Canterbury Museum would be able to identify and restore the objects. He also planned to see if he could trace the history of his house to find a connection to the war.

"I would love to know more about it."

The Press