Woman's 'hoarding' leads to pop-up shop

22:28, Dec 09 2012
Emma Donald
TREASURES: Emma Donald is selling some of the retro items she has collected over the last 15 years in a pop-up shop in Sydenham.

Fifteen years of ''organised hoarding'' has allowed a Christchurch woman to open a summer pop-up shop full of retro treasures.

Emma Donald began collecting 1970s kitchenware, clothes and accessories when she was 10.

Now, the 25-year-old has enough stuff to fill eight small shops and has opened a store in Sydenham to get rid of some of the items filling up her house.

A few pieces of china at a garage sale at primary school started her ''compulsion'', and it was cemented when her grandparents gave her some of their retro items after selling their house.

''Their house was the perfect 70s dream,'' she said.

Donald worked fulltime during school holidays and would spend all her money on second-hand shopping.


''It was fun. I loved the things ... and I loved being able to get a bargain from the shops. I could always figure out what was valuable and what was not,'' she said.

''My room looked like a shop and my bedroom became a bit of an attraction at my house.''

She decided to open the pop-up shop in Buchan St after quitting her retail job to ''have a summer to chill out, but I got bored''.

She found it hard to part with some of her treasures, but still had two liqueur cabinets, eight sets of drawers and five china cabinets full of items at home.

Donald said she planned to keep the shop open until February or March.

''I'll see how I go with all my stock and things and see if I need to get a grown-up job. There's just such a lack of this in Christchurch, that hopefully this will work for me.''

Buchan St Retro is open Wednesday to Friday from 10am to 4pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm during summer.

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