Second Sideline armed-robbery accused in custody


A second man has been remanded in custody after giving himself up to police investigating the armed robbery of the Sideline Bar in Stanmore Rd last month.

Jackson Manson, 22, handed himself in at the central police station late this morning after making contact with the police through his lawyer.

He was then taken to the courthouse for an appearance before Judge Raoul Neave.

Police had issued his photograph, name and description on Friday, saying that he was wanted in connection with the armed robbery in Richmond.

Police allege two men with their faces covered and carrying what appeared to be a pistol and a sawn-off rifle climbed a fence into the garden bar at the pub after 11pm on November 7, and forced the four patrons present to lie on the ground.

Police say the patrons feared for their lives because the men were aiming their firearms at them, and yelling and swearing.

The robbers then made one of the two staff present - a woman - open the safe behind the bar at pistol point. About $6000 in cash was taken.

The men then made a staff member unlock a rear security door and sped off in their car, which had been left in the pub car park.

There were no injuries among the victims, but they were traumatised.

Manson appeared on a charge of aggravated robbery, as well as charges of driving recklessly in Main North Rd while his licence was suspended on November 23, failing to stop for a police car using its flashing lights and siren and receiving a stolen concrete cutter worth $3000.

Manson, a plumber, is described as having "no fixed abode".

Defence counsel Tim Fournier sought Manson's release on bail under strict conditions.

He said Manson had acted responsibly in turning himself in, and he denied the armed robbery and would defend the charge.

Judge Neave refused bail, but suggested it might be granted if Manson later applied for electronically monitored bail at his mother's address.

He remanded Manson in custody to February 15 for a post-committal conference on the aggravated-robbery charge, and to December 21 on the other charges.

Manson is the second person charged over the robbery.

The other man, 24-year-old Dallas Edwards, was arrested about a week after the robbery and has been remanded in custody to a post-committal conference on January 11.

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