Couples to marry 12/12/2012

23:27, Dec 10 2012
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SPECIAL DATE: Christchurch couple Natalie Johnson, 35, and David Cookson, 36, will tie the knot tomorrow - the 12th of December 2012- at exactly 12.12pm.

On the 12th day of Christmas, Natalie Johnson's true love will not give her 12 drummers drumming.

Instead, he will give her his hand in marriage and a unique anniversary date.

Johnson and partner David Cookson have selected tomorrow to be wed - the 12th day of the 12 month of 2012. 

''I just liked the symmetry,'' Johnson said.

''It's the very last time anyone is going to be able to do it and I really liked that the date would be so unique.''

While all brides feel the pressure to be on time on their big day, the 35-year-old has an extra reason not to be late to the altar.


To complete the pattern, the Christchurch couple will tie the knot at 12.12pm.

''We've got the ceremony practised exactly so we will be on time,'' Johnson said.

''There's not much room for error.''

As an extra twist, Johnson's 12-year-old twins will play a starring role in the ceremony.

''They happen to be 12 as well, so it completed things nicely,'' she said.

The couple, who have been together for 14 years, will be married at the Hampton Lea Gardens in Rolleston.

Cookson had proposed to Johnson several times over the years, but she had always turned him down.

''I wasn't really fussed on getting married. I always said no. But then it was a leap year and I ended up asking him to marry me,'' she said.

''To be honest, we probably wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for the special date.''

He would now have no excuse for forgetting their anniversary, Johnson said. ''He has it pretty easy.''

Another Christchurch woman had also picked tomorrow for her big day, which also happens to be her 60th birthday.

Chris McBride will wed her partner at the same time as Johnson. 

''It started out as a bit of a joke but then we decided to actually do it,'' McBride said.

''It was my birthday as well, so we thought it would be quite nice.''

McBride, a widow, met her fiance over 30 years ago.

''We've known each other for years but went our separate ways and only re-met a few years ago. It's been a long time coming,'' she said.

 The pair would get married in a quiet ceremony in their backyard.

''It's going to be a really special day with family and friends.''

The special date will also provide a unique birthday for several Christchurch children.

Brooklyn-Jean Codyre and Thomas Stewardson will celebrate their 12th birthday tomorrow.

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