Charges after sleeping teens burnt

01:51, Dec 12 2012

A warrant to arrest has been issued for a Clyde man charged with injuring two teenagers with a heated lighter after he failed to appear in court today.

Daniel Trevor Nelson, 17, failed to appear in the Alexandra District Court when his name was called at 1pm.

Nelson is charged with disfiguring unsuspecting young people, burning them with a heated cigarette lighter after they had fallen asleep at parties between October 1 and November 30.

He targeted the head and face of the victims, who were left with burns in the shape of a crescent, referred to as a "smiley".

Detective Sergeant Derek Shaw, of Alexandra, said police had amended the charges Nelson faced from injuring with the intent to disfigure to injuring with the intent to injure.

He said the changes were made because injuring with intent to disfigure charges were indictable and would go straight to trial.

Police are urging people to come forward if they have been a target of similar attacks.


The Southland Times