Life parolee sent back to jail

A life parolee who tried to stab two people in Hornby in July has been jailed for two years.

David Tiri James Barlow, 41, admitted two charges of assault with a weapon, one of assault and possession of cannabis.

He was recalled to serve more of his life sentence after an incident on July 14 when he was armed with two knives and tried to stab his victims.

He was jailed for murder in November 1992.

On July 14, he approached the first victim at a Hornby workplace and confronted him about $100 the man owed him.

Police said he was extremely agitated and threatening, and when the man tried to walk off Barlow produced two knives.

He chased the victim, yelling abuse and threats. The victim grabbed Barlow's arms above his wrists and was able to stop him using the knives.

Other workers went to the victim's aid, telling Barlow to put down the knives and leave.

They described him as someone "on a rampage", "on a mission" and "out for blood".

Barlow turned to the workers, yelling threats and abuse and swinging the longer knife at them.

Barlow told another man he was going to stab him, and when the man jumped out of the way he hit his head against a loader bucket parked behind him.

Police said the second victim picked up a crowbar and demanded that Barlow leave.

He put it down and went to find a length of wood. The third victim picked up the crowbar and used it to hold Barlow at bay.

One of the victims rushed Barlow and hit him on the side of the jaw, knocking him to the ground.

Once Barlow was on the ground he was overpowered and held until police arrived, and they found cannabis in his pocket.

Defence counsel Nick Rout said Barlow had been on parole for about a year after a life imprisonment sentence imposed in November 1992, and a recall after minor offending in 2007.

He said Barlow was living a hand-to-mouth existence and was owed $100, which he needed to pay his rent.

Barlow had put himself forward for a rehabilitation programme in prison, he said.

Judge Tony Couch said Barlow had received rough justice and he was satisfied that some of the blows he received were with a crowbar, but they were defensive blows to stop Barlow attacking the victims.

He sentenced Barlow to prison for two years.

Before today's jail term was imposed, Barlow was due for another Parole Board hearing in January or February.

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