Police hunt Darfield crash-accused

05:38, Dec 12 2012
Cody Pierce
IN COURT: Cody Pierce.

Police have issued a warrant to arrest for Cody Marcus John Pierce, 21, after a West Melton crash in October where a passenger was killed.

Pierce, of Darfield, is believed to be on Queensland's Gold Coast.

Constable Chris Caldwell said Pierce had been charged with driving while disqualified, failing to stop and ascertain injury or death after a crash, failing to report an injury crash within 24 hours, and driving while incapable causing the death of Sean Christopher Frost  - which carries a maximum jail sentence of 10 years. 

"These are very serious charges," he said.

Police had been in contact with Australian authorities and were considering seeking an extradition order.

Frost, 43, of Christchurch, was injured when the car in which he was a passenger hit a power pole near the intersection of Neave and Johnson roads about 9pm on October 27.


Police said the driver was picked up by a friend soon after the crash.

Frost died in Christchurch Hospital five days later.

Frost's partner, Shona Saunders, said she was relieved a warrant to arrest had been issued for Pierce and a photo publicly released.

''Trying to encourage him to come forward isn't good enough. There are people who know where he is. We're asking you, please, please release the information [of] his whereabouts,'' she said.

''Sean was a good man. It's not going to go away.''

Saunders, 36, said earlier that Frost was her ''other half'' and life without him was "miserable".

He was at a friend's barbecue on the night of the crash, and they spoke on the phone while he was there.

The last thing he said was, "Text me before you go to bed, honey, and I will give you a call", Saunders said.

"I [sent a] text but he never rang."

Saunders said she got "the worst" phone call from police about 10pm, saying Frost's car had been in a crash.

She spent five days at Frost's bedside in the intensive care unit before he died on November 1.

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