Residents to get indicative dates for EQC repairs

18:28, Dec 12 2012

Owners of about 58,000 properties waiting for Earthquake Commission repairs will at last be given an idea of where they are in the queue.

The Press understands the homeowners will not get an exact date, but Fletcher EQR will give an indicative date.

Fletcher EQR manages repairs under $100,000 for the commission.

The big insurance companies pledged some weeks ago to give all property owners with claims over $100,000 (over cap) an indicative timing for when their repair or rebuild would start.

Vero completed that process at the end of September. IAG has said its over-$100,000 customers will have indicative timing by December 20.

Of about 88,000 properties with repairs under $100,000, about 30,000 have been completed.


During the past year, homeowners with under-cap repairs have been told their repair might take place in a couple of months.

However, Fletcher wants to improve its communications.

Homeowners may be told their repair is likely to take place in a three-month period - in the first quarter of 2014, for instance, or in the first quarter of 2015.

The commission has told Fletcher EQR to complete all over-$50,000 repairs by the end of next year, 80 per cent of repairs by the end of 2014 and all repairs by the end of 2015.

Most of the 30,000 repairs completed so far have been in the northwest, west and southwest of the city, and in Rangiora and Kaiapoi.

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