Pippa 'hopes to do Coast to Coast'

22:35, Dec 12 2012
PIPPA MIDDLETON: Competed in the Vasaloppet cross-country ski race earlier this year.

Coast to Coast creator Robin Judkins is "very excited" at the prospect of Pippa Middleton doing the multisport event and says nine-times winner Steve Gurney has offered to train her.

In a blog on The Spectator, Middleton reveals she has set her sights on doing the famous South Island race in February.

She says it will be a reason for her to lay off the food and drink over the Christmas break.

OLD HANDS: Robin Judkins, Coast to Coast organiser and quintuple bypass survivor, gives multiple winner Steve Gurney a lift.

"Next year I am hoping to do the Coast to Coast in New Zealand, which is a triathlon (running, cycling and kayaking) from the South Island to Sumner Beach on the Pacific," she said.

Judkins said he would save Middleton a place. 

"I think she's got the right background and be right up to the challenge. If she wants to do it, we'll make sure she finishes."


He said the race was popular in England. 

"Two years ago we got more entries from the UK then we did from Australia,'' he said.

"I'm not surprised she has heard of the best race in the world and wants to take part."

Gurney, a Christchurch multisport legend, had offered to train Middleton and race alongside her.

"He's volunteered to run with her during the event and look after her," Judkins said.

"Actually, I think there will be a lot of men offering to run with her. She's a beautiful woman."

Judkins joked that many men may run behind Middleton, who is famous for her derriere. "I'm sure some people might get out of the way to let her through."

The race runs across the South Island, starting at the Tasman Sea on the West Coast and finishing at Sumner Beach in Christchurch.

"It's in February, so I'd better hold back on the food and drink, starting now. Happy Christmas everyone," Middleton wrote.

After doing things like sailing the Atlantic to climbing Mt Blanc, Middleton said they were good challenges to provide some routine and discipline.

The Coast to Coast involves 140 kilometres of cycling, 36km of running and 67km of kayaking, and can be either a one-day or two-day event.

Top competitors take just under 11 hours to cover the 243km, while the slowest time recorded was 24 hours and 30 minutes.

Each year about 100 international competitors from about 15 countries enter.

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