Man robbed salesman during test drive

A man has been jailed in Christchurch for robbing an Auckland car salesman during a test drive.

Rawiri James Emery, 33, had pleaded guilty to one charge of robbery.

Emery had bought a car from the complainant, and went back to the sales yard in Papatoetoe, Auckland, with an associate on March 29 and told him his associate was interested in buying a car.

They went for a test drive with the salesman in the car.

The salesman was then forced to sign over the car, and hand over his keys, sunglasses, and a phone.

When the salesman got out of the car Emery forced him against the side of the car and tried to take jewellery off him.

The salesman tried to run off and Emery threatened him.

The victim then got away by climbing a fence and running into an inn.

Emery told the police that the car he had bought from the salesman had broken down and he had been ripped off.

Defence counsel Rupert Glover told Christchurch District Court today Emery had shifted to Christchurch to get away from people who led him into trouble after the incident, but he had no suitable home detention address to go to.

Judge Brian Callaghan said Emery had an extensive history of offending including assaults, possession of weapons, and breach of court orders.

He said the incident was a well-planned robbery.

Judge Callaghan said he believed Emery was remorseful and sentenced him to 21 months prison with release conditions for rehabilitation programmes for drug and alcohol use for six months after his release. 

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